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Silat Demo at CSU

It’s become kind of an annual event for Inner Wave Pencak Silat to do a demonstration at Colorado State University’s World Unity Fair. As with all of our demos, the level of planning is fairly minimal. When I first started learning Silat under Daniel, there were only about 3 students. I learned on the day of the day of the demo not only the form I would be doing, but the form itself. This year I at least was given over a week’s warning. Perhaps, Daniel is losing his Indonesian touch.

Not that there weren’t our share of surprises. This year, with an hour before it was time to perform, we found out we had to sing — in Javanese. Surprisingly, for how tone deaf we as a group are we managed to pull it off. Our Silat, not unexpectedly was much better. John and Brandon did some nice staff work. Laura and Jason did a cool bit of choreography using the Clurit (aka Maduran sickle). Steve and I, performed an impromptu rain dance using whips, and of course Daniel pulled out some motion none of us have ever seen before.