Presenting Pabst Honorable Mention

Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) owes much of its resurgence over the past decade to the indie-rock loving, fixed-gear riding, and tight-jean wearing hipsters of America.  Its modest price and old fashioned labeling has resonated well with a crowd looking to display its anti-consumerism and sense of irony at the same time.  However, PBR is starting to lose some of its indie cred.  I have seen places charging $3-4 for a can, and a quick google search for “Most Expensive PBR” finds stories of bars charging more than $5 for this beer.

Thus I offer my suggestion to Pabst.  They should make a discount line of lower quality, possibly rejected beer called their “Honorable Mention” label, which could also go by the catchier PGR — Pabst Green Ribbon.  This would allow them to turn a profit on any slips in quality control while simultaneously continuing to foster their image as the preferred anti-establishment beer.

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